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How to use wood branches for DIY decoration in your garden



Use wood branches to make a chair to place in your garden.

Image Source : balconygardenweb

Wood branches would also make a great pot in which you can plant your favorite flowers.

Image Source : Pinterest

Use logs of wood to build a fence around your garden to make it look aesthetic.

Image Source : Pinterest

Build a ladder with wood branches and let it stay in your garden.

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You can also use the wood branches to plant climbers on it. They look cute.

Image Source : express

Wood branches are great for building garden twist ties.

Image Source : fruugoindia

You can even grow cathedral bell vines after building a ladder of wood branches for your garden.

Image Source : Pinterest

Wood branches are perfect for imitating a pulley. You can build one for your garden’s decoration.

Image Source : mydesiredhome

Did you know that wood branches can also make perfect flowerpot stands? Try them out!

Image Source : gkwretail

The best decor idea for your garden is to build a small nest or a birdhouse with wood branches. You can even build more than one to welcome the chirping guests into your home!

Image Source : gardeningetc

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