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Industrial design ideas - 10 Ideas that rock your house


Tips and Advices

Exposed concrete floors make your house look industrial. You can even opt for wood flooring.

Image Source : mymove

Industrial designs make your house look aesthetic. You can let the architecture in your home stay bare.

Image Source : decorilla

Cool neutral walls will allow your home to look industrial.

Image Source : decorilla

Let your house be monochrome. You can pick a color from the earthy palette.

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Keep the furniture in your home minimal. Always remember that less is more. It will make your house spacious and industrial.

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You could even bring some quirky furniture home that has been recycled.

Image Source : home-designing

Industrial homes have bare fabrics. So, pick bare fabrics.

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You can install metal domed pendant lights in your home for a more industrial look.

Image Source : home-designing

Potted plants that are large can find space in your living rooms.

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You can also place floor lamps in your home to make it look industrial.

Image Source : home-designing.

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