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Laundry Organization Ideas - 10 Ideas For an Efficient Space Room


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Consider investing in labeled jars. You can keep detergents and soaps in one place.

Opt for a retractable clothing line.

Get a detergent holder for your laundry room. It will help avoid any spilling of the detergent.

You can even get a color-coded hamper to separate clothes that require different treatments.

Consider hanging a dispenser for scent boosters.

Choose collapsible baskets over your regular laundry baskets.

Consider placing a magnetic lint bin to keep the lint buildup in check.

Invest in over-the-door organizers for your laundry closets.

You can even purchase a small storage cart to keep all laundry essentials in one place.

Losing socks is a routine business in most laundry rooms. You can consider adding a lost sock basket in your laundry room.

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