10 Laundry Room Folding Table Ideas


Wall-Mounted Folding Table

Install a fold-down table directly onto the wall of your laundry room. This option saves floor space and can be easily folded up when not in use.


Drop-Leaf Folding Table

Choose a table with drop-leaf sides that can be extended when needed for folding laundry and collapsed to save space when not in use.


Built-In Folding Table

Incorporate a folding table into your laundry room's cabinetry or countertops for a seamless and functional design. When not in use, simply fold the table down and hide it away.


Over-the-Washer Folding Table

Utilize the space above your washer and dryer by installing a folding table that rests on top of the appliances.


Multi-Functional Folding Table

Opt for a folding table that serves multiple purposes, such as a combination ironing board and folding table. This versatile piece of furniture saves space and provides added functionality.


Portable Folding Table

Choose a lightweight and portable folding table that can be easily moved around the laundry room as needed. Look for options with wheels for added convenience.


Collapsible Laundry Cart with Folding Table

Invest in a laundry cart with a built-in folding table on top. This allows you to transport clothes from the washer to the folding area seamlessly and provides extra storage space underneath.


DIY Folding Table

Get creative and build your own folding table using plywood, hinges, and brackets. Customize the size and design to fit your laundry room's dimensions and style.


Folding Table with Storage

Select a folding table with integrated storage options, such as shelves or drawers, to keep laundry supplies organized and easily accessible.


Hanging Folding Table

Install a folding table that hangs from the wall or ceiling using sturdy brackets or a suspension system.


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