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Luxury home decor - Items that you must have at your home


Home Decor

Get a decorated plate. These are widely available in the market.

1.  Decorated Plate

Image Source : Better homes and Gardens

A decorated bowl looks perfect in your kitchen or living room cabinet. It serves as a perfect luxury home decor item.

2. Decorated Bowl

Image Source : One Kindesign

A table lamp is a perfect piece of decor item that helps you enhance the look of your small room.

3. Table lamp

Image Source : Ubuy India

You can also place a piece of coral or a shell in your living room. It looks luxurious.

4. Coral or A Shell

Image Source : HGTV

Marble or agate coasters are a great choice of luxury home decor.

5. Marble

Image Source : The Quarry Marble

You can place a globe in your home office or any cabinet of your house to bring some vintage feel.

6. Globe

Image Source : Bless'er  House

A dried flower bouquet is also an ideal luxury home decor. It is long-lasting and adds texture and beauty to your room.

7. Dried flower bouquet

Image Source : Style Qurator

Oil burners and diffusers are becoming increasingly popular among people.

8. Diffusers

Image Source : Pinterest

Placing a table lamp is the perfect way to bring soft lighting into your room.

9. Table lamp

Image Source : Urban ladder

These luxury home decor items are budget-friendly. So, you can make your house look perfect without spending a lot.

10. Oil burners

Image Source : Amazon.in

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