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Village Homes Design  Himachal Pradesh

Normal village house design in Himachal homes is unique in that the homes exhibit a distinctive vernacular style that is not found elsewhere.

Normal Village House Design – Himachal Pradesh

The main building materials used in Himachali village homes design are stone and wood

Village Homes Design – Kashmir

Kashmir is another very cold part of India, which is geographically located in the Himalayan belt.

Normal Village House Design – Kashmir

Village Homes Design – Assam

Assam Type House Front Design originated from the north-eastern state of India during the late half of the modern era.

Assam Type Normal Village House Design

These homes are made from concrete, steel, bamboo, and wood.

Normal Village House Design – Kerala

Houses based on Kerala normal village house design are generally built on the principles also called Shastras –

Normal Village House Design – Kerala

 Use of local resources like wood, clay, stone to the building to create harmony with the natural surroundings.

Normal Village House Design – Rajasthan

Rajasthani normal village house design is mainly focused on constructing homes so that they stay warm in winter and cool during summer.

Village Homes Design – Rajasthan

Indian Village House Design – Punjab

Punjab normal village house design

Traditional Punjabi Kothi, also known as a haveli, is constructed with an amalgamation of Punjabi vernacular design and colonial elements.

Indian Village House Design – Bengal

The village homes design architectural style of Bengal has a long and rich past that blends elements from the indigenous with influences from various parts of the globe.

Indian Village House Design – Bengal

 The towers at the corners of Bengali temples are influenced by the medieval period of Southeast Asia.

Normal Village House Design, Village Homes Design – Tamil Nadu

:Indian Village House Design – Tamil Nadu

Village House Design – Maharashtra

1. Maharashtrian normal village house design is a blend of Mughal, Rajasthani, and Gujarati normal house front designs and local building techniques.

Indian Village House Design – Maharashtra

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