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Styling A Maximalist Living Room Like A Pro

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Styling a maximalist living room like a pro. You’ll be able to style a maximalist living room like a pro once you’ve learned the foundations of this vibrant design.

Everything is fair game; you have complete freedom to style, decorate, and play with color, textures, patterns, and furnishings.

Depending on how you look at it, this may appear simple or tough. It may appear simple because you think you can take anything and put it in your living room, and voilà, you have yourself a maximalist living room.

Effective ways of achieving a maximalist living room

Well, the simple guideline to follow in decorating and styling a maximalist home is to coordinate the elements and ensure you create a cohesive style.

To start, don’t hold back on décor and ensure your color scheme works.

Choose a color scheme

Before you go into a store, pick up a catalog, or start shopping, figure out what color scheme will work best for your space. Consider the size and lighting of your living room.

While there are no rules, you should avoid mixing too many vivid colors to avoid creating chaos.



Be bold

Maximalism exudes audacity.  By stacking color, patterns, textures, and décor pieces in unusual combinations, you may make a statement

You can also mix styles from different ages and regions to create your own unique combination to show your creativity and represent your personality.

Essentials of a maximalist living room

Elaborate patterns

Excessiveness is the lifeblood of maximalism. Animal patterns, large-scale tie and dye, particularly strong geometrics, and florals all add to the sensation of extravagance in a room.

The similarity could be in color, design, or movement of the elements that make up the pattern.



Bold colors

Bright, intense colors are ideal for maximalism, while delicate tones are kept to a minimum.

One of the goals of maximalist styles is to lift people’s spirits, and there’s no better way to achieve that than with bright colors like red, orange and yellow



Signature walls

The living room walls are the ideal canvas on which to stamp your personality and fully express your maximalist style.

Murals and huge artwork, as uncommon as they may be, instantly define your living room as a place for maximalist living

Use an expressive floor-to-ceiling wallpaper on your walls or ceiling to be more adventurous.

Use antiques and vintage pieces

Antique furnishings and décor add to the aura of elegance and grandeur. Pre-owned furniture, in particular, is one-of-a-kind and costly

These goods feature unique designs and are meant to last. They provide refinement and personality to your space while also ensuring that you won’t see them in everyone else’s living room.



Living Room

Styling a maximalist living room like a pro

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