Styling a  maximalist  living room  like a pro

Less is more, but more is better these days, & that is Maximalism...

Maximalism is in and here are the tips for a Maximalist Living Room

Choose a color scheme:

There Are No Rules

Consider the size and lighting of your living room

Choose a color scheme:

Avoid mixing too many vivid colors

Develop a functional color palette

Be Bold

Maximalism exudes audacity

Make your statement by stacking color, patterns, textures, and décor pieces in unusual combinations

Essentials of a maximalist living room

Elaborate patterns

Maximize animal patterns, large-scale tie and dye, particularly strong geometrics, and florals

Bold colors

Bright & intense colors are ideal for maximalism

Keep the delicate tones minimum

Signature walls

Express yourself and your personality on the walls.

Use antiques & vintage pieces