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12 Stylish Entryway Design Ideas to Make a Lasting First Impression


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Statement lighting

A bold and eye-catching chandelier or pendant light fixture sets the tone for a stylish entryway.

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Statement wallpaper

A patterned or textured wallpaper creates a dramatic backdrop and adds a sense of luxury to your entryway.

Accent table

A stylish console table with a mirror or artwork above it is a perfect spot to drop keys or mail.

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Gallery wall

A collection of framed art or photographs adds personality and interest to your entryway walls


Mirrors reflect light and make a space feel larger, so a statement mirror in the entryway is both stylish and practical.

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Statement rug

A bold or patterned rug adds a pop of color and texture to your entryway, and also helps to define the space.


A comfortable chair or bench provides a spot to sit and put on shoes or simply pause for a moment in your entryway.

Image Source : thespruce

Image Source : thespruce


A potted plant or two adds life and freshness to your entryway, and also helps to purify the air.

Floating shelves

Display books, decorative objects or family photos on floating shelves to create a personalized and stylish entryway.

Image Source : Pinterest

Image Source : Pinterest

Colorful door

A brightly colored front door or a door painted with a bold pattern can add personality and interest to your entryway.

Statement floor

A patterned or colorful tiled floor can make a big statement in your entryway and set the tone for the rest of the house.

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Decorative accents

Don't forget about the small decorative touches, such as a decorative tray, vase or candles, that add style and personality to your entryway.

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