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The   Best   70s Decor   Ideas


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You can put wood paneling in lighter and more neutral tones to achieve a contemporary 70s style.

Using leather can also give a touch to the 70s decor in the past. Use the matter in a modern way to keep the style new-fashioned.

You can add velvet to give the touch of 70s decor.

Velvet can be used on drapes, small ottomans, and bar stools.

Floral hippie prints give the style of the 70s.

Choose florals that have light background colors like white and cream.

Sunbursts, psychedelic prints, and pop art are the perfect way to bring 70s decor into your house.

The disco-inspired decor is also the style of the 1970s.

A flashy vase or a shimmering catch-all tray will give your modern 70s a little charm.

Wicker and rattan easily fit into the modern 70s decor style. You can use wicker in chairs and side tables. Rattan can be used in cabinetry.

Consider using the vertical tile style of the 70s in your contemporary home design.

Many homes of the 1970s featured minibars. You can revive the trend with your own bar cart.

Don’t forget to add some vintage accessories to your home.

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