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Top 12 Disgusting House Bugs: Elimination Techniques That Work



Looking for a guide to help you get rid of the most disgusting house bugs?


Get rid of them by eliminating food sources, fixing leaks, and sealing entry points. They're tough but not unbeatable.

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Keep a clean kitchen, use airtight containers, and use ant baits or sprays as needed. Don't let them take over your home.

Bed bugs

Wash bedding in hot water, vacuum furniture, and hire an exterminator to eliminate these bloodsucking pests.

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Seal up cracks, eliminate webs and clutter, and use repellents or traps to keep your home spider-free.


Reduce moisture, vacuum regularly, and seal up entry points to get rid of these pests in damp areas.

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Store clothing in airtight containers, clean closets regularly, and use moth repellents or traps to prevent damage.


Treat pets with medication, vacuum floors and furniture, and use flea sprays or foggers to eliminate these pesky insects.

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Keep your kitchen clean, dispose of trash promptly, and use swatters or traps to keep these germy insects away.


Eliminate wood-to-soil contact, repair leaks, and hire an exterminator to prevent serious damage to your home.

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Reduce moisture, seal up entry points, and use earwig traps or sprays to keep these pinchers away.

Carpet beetles

Vacuum regularly, store clothing in airtight containers, and use beetle traps or sprays to prevent damage.

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Stink bugs

Seal up cracks, use vacuum cleaners to remove them, and consider using stink bug traps or sprays to keep your home smelling fresh.

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