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Top 13 Comfortable and Stylish Living Room Arrangements


living room

Start from the middle of the living room and keep two couches opposite to each other.

It’s not necessary for the couches to have the same pattern or color  Contrasting colors and textures will bring a stylish look.

If you own an apartment, consider keeping the living room furniture on the carpet.

Place the dining table on the opposite side of the wall.

Consider bringing home furniture which can be moved easily as it is the better option.

Place your couch in the middle of the living room, opposite to TV or a window. It will give a living room a more purposeful feeling.

If your living and dining area are in the same room, use the same fabrics for both spaces.

Make your couch the striking feature of your living room.

You should keep the living room simple. It only consists of a large sofa and digital media. Especially when the space is tight.

You should not ignore the odd-shaped part of the room. You can design it with colors or artwork.

If the area of the living room is small, the best option to keep the area bright and airy is to paint the ceiling white.

You can use light-colored paint so that the room feels spacious.

Make your living room more comfortable by building a cozy fireplace.

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