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Top L-Shaped Patio Ideas For a Unique Patio



To make different outdoor areas, use the L shape on one side you have dining. You can use the other one where you have your lawn and a seating area. It gives a simple and charming look.

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Choosing patio flooring that complements the home color with backyard walls. This will make a small garden look large.

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Construct an L-shape for a pool patio. This will give you an easy way into the water. Also, you will have a perfect area for seating and relaxing.

Image Source : poolandoutdoordesign

Create an L-shaped patio and construct a pergola above it.

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You can also build a raised garden bed in your L-shaped patio design. This will effectively bring the L-shaped patio plan to your yard.

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The most commonly used way to create an L-shaped patio is to edge two sides of the garden.

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Join different parts of the lawn. It is an easy design and pattern that permit every inch of the outdoor area to be put to use.

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To keep away from a usual patio design mistake, always consider the way you are going to plant some greenery around the complete design. It will maintain the look of your patio.

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You can also construct an L-shaped path with brick pavers as an outline for your garden.

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Placing lights on the edge of your patio will enhance the L shape.

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