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Top Succulent Varieties You Can Plant Indoors



Echeveria is a compact succulent that looks like a tiny water lily. Also, it is available in plenty of colors, so you can choose one that seems compelling.

Image Source : britannica

Aloe Vera is a famous indoor plant that makes any space look uplifting.

Image Source : herzindagi

Opt for String of Hearts succulents.

Image Source : succulentsbox

You can plant the indestructible Crassulas if you want some plants that are less demanding.

Image Source : greenkosh

Consider small and spiky Haworthia.

Image Source : mybageecha

Kalanchoe is another great succulent species that will look perfect in your home.

Image Source : nurserylive

Tiny living stones or Lithops are the best indoor plants.

Image Source : amazon

Pachyphytum with small round leaves are beautiful plants that look perfect in indoors.

Image Source : amazon

Make your indoors look greener by planting Sedum.

Image Source : indiagardening

Finally, Houseleek can be your a great choice for succulents.

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