Understanding Bauhaus Style Interior Design

You’ve definitely heard of Bauhaus, or the Bauhaus School of Design, or the Bauhaus Movement, or Bauhaus style interior design, and you’re probably curious about who or what Bauhaus is.

The Bauhaus style of interior design is the outcome of a movement that began in the 20th century in the German city of Weimar and brought together artists from all over the world in a school of art and crafts known as the Bauhaus.

Following World War I, there was a desire and need to rebuild the world and people’s lives. In 1919, architect Walter Gropius founded The Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany, in this spirit. 

The Bauhaus School of Design

Due to political unrest, the Bauhaus was relocated to Dessau in 1925 and again in 1932.

The Nazis were staunch opponents of the Bauhaus movement, which resulted in the school’s closure.

The Main Features of Bauhaus Style Interior Design

The entire design process is focused on how the item will be used rather than how it will look in the end

Because the design is oriented on function, there is minimal adornment in Bauhaus style, hence the saying ‘form follows function.’

Functionality Guides Design

Less is More in Bauhaus Style Interior Design

Use Primary Colors for For Bauhaus Style Interior Design

Simple Geometric Shapes Is a Very Evident Feature of Bauhaus Interior Design

Use of Materials in Their Natural Form for Bauhaus Style Interior Design

Bauhaus Interior Design Aims at Mass-produced Furniture

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