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Unlock the Secrets of South Facing House Vastu



Orientation matters

South facing houses invite abundant sunlight, positive energy, and financial growth.


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Entrance matters

Position the main door in the auspicious South direction to attract success and good fortune.


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Balanced interiors

Maintain a clutter-free environment with well-arranged furniture for a harmonious flow of energy.


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Colors of positivity

Opt for warm, vibrant hues like red, orange, and yellow to enhance energy and enthusiasm.


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The heart of the home

Design your kitchen in the southeast corner to promote health, wealth, and culinary delights.


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The wealth corner

Activate the southeast corner with elements like a money plant or a flowing water feature.


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Master bedroom bliss

Place the bedroom in the southwest corner for restful sleep, stability, and a strong relationship.


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Bathroom placement

Locate bathrooms in the southeast or northwest corners to maintain proper Vastu balance.


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Energizing living spaces

Position the living room in the northeast or northwest corners to encourage positive social interactions.


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Windows of positivity

Ensure ample windows on the southern side to welcome natural light and positivity into your home.


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Vastu remedies

Implement Vastu remedies like mirrors, crystals, and plants to correct any negative energy imbalances


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