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Unlock the Secrets of Vastu: Essential Solutions for Redeveloped Buildings



Entrance Enigma

The entrance sets the tone for positive energy. Ensure it's well-lit, clutter-free, and welcoming. Use vibrant colors or decorative elements to make it visually appealing.


Harmonious Halls

One of the easiest green home tips for bedroom is to make your bedroom more eco-friendly is to invest in energy-efficient lighting.


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Miraculous Mirrors

Mirrors are your secret weapon! Strategically place them to reflect natural light and create an illusion of space. They also amplify positive energy and bring harmony to the environment.


Divine Directions

Vastu recommends room placement based on cardinal directions. Master bedroom: southwest. Kitchen: southeast. Study room: northeast.


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Elevate Vastu Vibes:

Opt for wooden or marble flooring, symbolizing stability and elegance. Light colors enhance positivity.


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Window Wonders

Windows are more than just a view to the outside world. Ensure they allow ample natural light and fresh air to enter.


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Green Guardians

Incorporate indoor plants to enhance positive energy and purify the air. Bamboo, money plants, and peace lilies are believed to bring luck and prosperity.


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Illuminating Insights

Harness positive energy with gentle, warm lighting. Avoid harsh glare, embrace cozy ambiance. Vastu illuminates your space!


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Furniture Fusion

Create a harmonious space with Vastu-compliant furniture - comfy, stylish, and arranged for easy movement and social engagement.


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Mindful Mindsets

Harmonize your living space through Vastu: Embrace mindfulness, banish clutter, and cultivate positive vibes for amplified energy.


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