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Vastu Remedies for a Happy Married Life



Entrance Placement

Optimal entrance positioning and direction can invite positive energy and enhance marital harmony.


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Bedroom Placement

Discover the ideal location and orientation of your bedroom to promote love, intimacy, and a strong bond.


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Bed Positioning

Learn the auspicious directions to position your bed, ensuring a peaceful and loving atmosphere for couples.


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Kitchen Vastu

Explore Vastu guidelines for the kitchen to nourish not just your body but also your relationship.


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Living Room Harmony

Create a balanced and inviting living space that fosters communication, understanding, and togetherness.


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Study and Workspace

Design a conducive study or workspace as per Vastu principles to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


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Bathroom Placement

Discover the right placement and arrangement of bathrooms to maintain privacy and harmony in your marital life.


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Colors and Decor

Learn how to use colors and décor elements to create a soothing and romantic ambiance in your home.


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Indoor Plants

Explore the benefits of specific plants and their placement to bring positive energy and happiness into your married life.


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Mirror Placement

Understand the correct positioning of mirrors to amplify love, attract positivity, and eliminate negativity.


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Lighting Tips

Discover the right kind of lighting and its placement to create a warm, inviting, and loving atmosphere.


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Positive Energy Zones

Identify and activate the positive energy zones in your home to strengthen your bond and nurture a happy married life.


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