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Vastu Tips for a Harmonious Home



Equip yourself with these essential gardening tools and bring your garden to life

Welcome to the world of Vastu Shastra

Enhance positive energies in your home with expert tips.


Entrance matters!

Ensure a clutter-free entryway. Invite positive vibrations with a clean and well-lit doorway.


The power of colors

Choose soothing shades for your walls. Opt for calming hues like blues and greens to promote tranquility.


Bring prosperity in

Place a money plant near the entrance. Feng Shui recommends this plant to attract wealth and good luck.


Kitchen magic

Keep the stove in the southeast direction. Ensure good health and abundance by aligning the cooking area correctly.


Sleep well

Position the bed in the southwest corner. Maximize restful sleep and peace of mind with proper bed placement.


Mindful mirror placement

Avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom. Prevent disruptive energy by keeping mirrors away from the sleeping area.


Boost positivity

Display vibrant artwork and inspiring quotes.Create an uplifting atmosphere with uplifting visuals and affirmations.


Open space matters

Maintain a clutter-free living area. Allow energy to flow freely by decluttering your living space regularly.


Study zone harmony

Face east while studying or working. Enhance concentration and mental clarity with optimal desk orientation.


Indoor plants are blessings

Bring nature inside your home. Enjoy improved air quality and a serene ambiance with green companions.


Family bonding

Arrange the seating area in a circular shape. Encourage harmony and unity among family members with circular seating.


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