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Vastu Tips For Home – All Great Tips About Planning Your Home in One Place


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Vastu Shastra clearly explains that the color, shape, and architectural details of your house can impact the atmosphere of your house.

- The ancient Hindu scriptures also suggest that not following Vastu tips for home can release negative vibes and bring you under the influence of such vibes.

How to Plan the Entrance of Your New House?

- As per Vastu tips for home, it would be great if your dining room is in the west zone of your house.

How to Plan Your Dining Room?

- However, directions such as north, east, and south are equally good. You should avoid having your dining area in the southwest direction.

– The staircase must face the southwest direction.

How to Plan Your Stairway?

– If there is one direction you would want to avoid, as per Vastu tips for home, it is the northeast direction.

- Avoid keeping any clutter in your house.

How to Plan Your Living Room?

– The living room’s front should face the north, east, or northeast direction.

– If you are considering placing a mirror in your living room, place it on the north wall.

- Vastu Shastra emphasizes that having your bedroom in the southwest direction is great for maintaining harmonious relations

How to Plan Your Bedroom?

– Black walls are a big no-no, as per Vastu tips for home. After all, it radiates negative energy that you would want to avoid.

– Saral Vastu tips for home suggest that your kitchen should be constructed in the southeast direction.

How to Plan Your Kitchen?

– Avoid directions such as north, northeast, or east.

– According to Vastu tips for home, southwest is an ideal direction for your kid's bedroom.

How to Plan Your Kid’s Bedroom?

– The head of the child should face south or east.

- Reserve the east or northeast side of the meditation room for spiritual recourse. You can build your temple in this direction.

How to Plan Your Meditation Room?

– Facing east while contemplating or meditating will emanate positivity.

– Pick the northwest zone for constructing your bathroom.

How to Plan Your Bathroom?

– As per the Vastu tips for home, having a metal door for your bathroom can attract negative energies. So, you must always choose a wooden door for your bathroom.

– Shapes such as rectangles and squares are perfect for your house.

How to Plan the Shape of a Room?

– Avoid constructing circular rooms or placing circular furniture in your rooms.

– Vastu tips for home suggest that one refrains from using dark colors in their house. Choose paint colors that have earthy tones, as they help maintain positive vibes in your house.

How to Choose Color For Your House?

– When you plan to enter your new house, you must ensure that you let the house be empty.

What to Introduce First in Your New Home?

– Also, you should enter your new house with the right foot, as per Vastu Shastra.

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