What is Mediterranean Interior Design Style and Much More!

Mediterranean interior design style

a story beyond arched windows, airy-breezy interior spaces, and open warm coasts.

The History of Mediterranean Interior Design

Mediterranean interior design has a long history that can be traced back to Israel and Morocco, from where it spread to Southern European countries

Mediterranean interior design is a style that is widespread in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, yet each country has its own variations

Greek Mediterranean Interior Design

White and cool shades are infused into the overall opulent decor of ceramics, statues, lamps, and wickerwork in Greek Mediterranean interior design

Spanish Mediterranean Interior Design

If you want a more romantic and varied vibe, Spanish Mediterranean design can be the way to go.

Rustic Mediterranean Interior Design

Rustic Mediterranean interior design is definitely worth exploring if you want a more rustic and traditional atmosphere.

Tuscan Mediterranean Interior Design

The goal of Tuscan Mediterranean interior design is to create a welcoming homely atmosphere.

General Characteristics of Mediterranean Interior Design

1. Large airy spaces

2. Authentic finishes and materials

3. Indoor-outdoor living spaces

4. Exposed architectural details