Which are 10 Stunning Shower Niche Ideas for Your Bathroom?

Here are Stunning Shower Niche Ideas for Your Bathroom

Horizontal Shower Niche

Taking advantage of the length of the wall, these shower niche ideas help balance proportions considering the dimensions of the bathroom.

Vertical Shower Niche

This shower niche is taller than its width, and is an ideal choice for a smaller shower stall

Shower niche ideas that blend in

An absolute clean choice for people who prefer a seamless design style.

Contrasting Shower Niche Ideas

This design style of is used to highlight and bring to attention the niche making it one of the focal points within the space.

Framed Shower Niche Ideas

A creative approach to the regular shower niche ideas, framed niches can be worked to stand out in multiple ways.

Multiple Shower Niches

The perfect design for a large bathroom or a large family, multiple shower niches can work well in a shared bathroom

Shower Niche ideas with lighting

Offering a luxurious spa-like experience, shower niches with lighting are the most popular for a classy bathroom design.

Shower Niche ideas with Shelves

An apt design for a small and compact shower area, this design can work even for larger families.

Multi-height shower niche ideas

A clever approach to designing a shower niche is combining a vertical and a horizontal niche to form a multi-height niche.

Window converted to a shower niche

A rather easier and budget friendly way to incorporate a shower niche in the design is to convert a window into one.

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