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Tricity Property Searches is a Zirakpur-based group of passionate writers and bloggers who are passionately and continuously writing to bring the homemakers and homebuyers worldwide the latest updates and news about home improvement and home décor.


We keep a keen eye on the latest development in the home improvement, home décor, and property sector, and with the help of our website, we try to bring those updates to our readers. 


Apart from the above, writers at Tricity Property Searches are sincerely working hard to make your home improvement wonderful; therefore, we periodically publish new tips and tricks about home improvement and home decor. 


Tricity Property Searches also brings to the potential homebuyers the best residential and commercial properties on its pages after an in-depth investigation and analysis of the said property.  Our team at TPS evaluates a property based on several critical parameters before endorsing it for listing, including but not limited to, builder's history, property's value for money, resale value, location of the project, past projects by the builders.


We aim to keep our users knowledgeable and update about anything and everything related to homemaking, home décor, and home improvement.  We know that we can only do that if we continue to be trustworthy and hardworking. 


Tricity Property Searches yearns to win your trust because we believe that your trust is our ultimate profit.

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