Easy Small Rangoli Design with Dots 2022 (3-3 dot rangoli) – Design #7

Small Rangoli Design, Easy Rangoli Design

Name of Rangoli Design:  Easy Small Rangoli Design with Dots (3-3 dots)

Surface to Draw Rangoli:  Draw this Easy and Small Rangoli Design at the front door entrance, sidewalks of the main door entrance, or corners of the house.

Materials Required for Small Rangoli Design:  To make the outline of the easy and small rangoli design, you can use rice flour, chalk powder, or white rangoli powder.  Using white for outlining the small and easy rangoli design is considered sacred because white signifies purity, innocence, peace, and simplicity.  Make your easy and small rangoli design freehand by taking the rangoli material between your thumb and forefingers and letting it flow freehand.  If you are not comfortable freehand, use a mehndi cone or a tube.

Steps 1 to 3 of Easy Small Rangoli Design with Dots

First three steps of making an easy small rangoli design with dots will be creating the 3×3 dots rangoli grid for the design.

A 3-3 dot grid is most suitable for any easy small rangoli design.

Follow Steps 1 to 3 for creating the rangoli grid. Start by drawing three horizontal dots and following it up by 3 parallel dots above and below the first 3 dots. This will give us the rangoli dot grid of 3-3 as shown in Step 3.

Steps 4 to 18: Start creating the easy small rangoli design.

Once the 3×3 = 9 dot square grid is ready, start connecting the dots with straight and curved lines as shown in steps 4 to 18 of small rangoli design. Start with the bottom three dots of the rangoli grid.

You can find many small and simple rangoli designs on our website.  Do not forget to see the collection.  These are indeed very simple rangoli designs and anyone even with a very low skill level can create them.

If you are a fresher, you can read our article “8 Steps to Making Easy and Simple Rangoli Designs.”

Steps 19 to 31: Decorate the inner portion of small and easy rangoli design

Now that you have created the outer outline of the easy small rangoli design, as shown in steps 19 to 31, we will start decorating the inner part of the square and its vertices with some curved lines.  Follow the red pointer as shown in steps 19 to 31.

Steps 32 to 40: Final Stages of small and easy rangoli design

Hope you enjoyed these easy steps in the process of creating small rangoli design with dots.  It’s time now for the final few stages before the final rangoli design is ready.  Start decorating the inner portion of the square with loops and small curved lines as shown in steps 32 to 40.

Final Design: Easy and Small Rangoli Design

Thank you for staying with us.  Your final rangoli design with 3-3 dot is ready.

If you enjoyed the experience, do not forget to check other small rangoli designs with dots on our website.

How to make rangoli coloured powder?

You can either buy readymade rangoli powder from the market or you can make it on your own.  Traditionally women used household items from the kitchen to make rangoli/muggulu/kolam designs.  Using household items, such as rice flour powder, haldi, Kumkum, gulal, spices, grains, for rangoli designing is considered auspicious.

You can use either the rice flour or salt to make the rangoli coloured powder.  Take rice flour or salt in a container with lid.  Add food colour and vinegar to it.  Cover the container with lid and shake it well until the blend gets mixed up well. Finally spread the mixture on a clean cloth or a newspaper and let it dry.

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