Peacock Diwali Rangoli Design 2021 with 5-1 Dots – Design #13

Diwali Rangoli Design, Peacock Rangoli

Name of Rangoli Design:  Peacock Diwali Rangoli Design 2021

Surface to Draw Rangoli:  Front door entrance, sidewalks of the main door entrance, corners of the house

Materials Required:  To make the outline of the Peacock Diwali Rangoli Design, you can use rice flour, chalk powder, or white rangoli powder.  Using white for outlining the Peacock Diwali Rangoli Design is considered sacred because white signifies purity, innocence, peace, and simplicity.  Make your Peacock Diwali Rangoli Design freehand by taking the rangoli material between your thumb and forefingers and letting it flow freehand.  If you are not comfortable freehand, use a mehndi cone or a tube.

Steps 1 to 5:  Creating 5-1 dots for Peacock Diwali Rangoli Design

As with all rangoli designs with dots, the creation of our peacock Diwali rangoli design will also warrant designing a 5×1 rangoli dot grid.  Therefore, as shown in steps 1 to 5 of this peacock Diwali rangoli design, we will start with creating 5 linear dots in a horizontal fashion on the surface where we want to draw the peacock Diwali rangoli design.

Steps 6 to 16:  Starting the Outline of Peacock Diwali Rangoli Design

Now that we have made the 5-1 dots for the peacock Diwali rangoli design, we will start connecting the dots in a curved fashion, as shown in steps 6 to 16, to form a diya.  As shown in step 18 of the peacock rangoli, we will now fill in some yellow-coloured chalk powder or wood husk in the outlie of the flame.

Steps 17 to 26:  Draw the Base of the Diya

We will start by drawing a curved line connecting the two dots as shown in image 17.  Follow the steps until step 26 of the peacock rangoli.

Steps 27 to 36 of the Peacock Rangoli Design

As shown in the steps 27 to 36, we will start filling in colors (in the form of chalk powder or wood husk) in rest of the diya until it is looks like as shown in step 36.  You can see now that we have a diya with its base outlined and coloured while the outer upper 5 dots of the peacock rangoli design are still untouched.

Steps 37 to 54 Drawing the Peacock

At step 37 we will start drawing peacock connecting the two dots with curved lines as shown in the image.  Follow the little steps until step 54, and you can see a diya and the upper part of the peacock coming out.

Steps 55 to 68 of Peakcock Rangoli Design for Diwali

In steps 55 to 68, we will draw outline of the remaining portion of the peacock and also fill in green coloured wood husk in it.

Steps 69 to 86 of Peacock Diwali Rangoli Design

You are almost there.  Our peacock Diwali rangoli design is almost ready, except that in steps 69 to 86 we will further decorate the tail of the peacock.  Give it the finishing touches with green, yellow, and black as shown in Step 86.

Peacock Diwali Rangoli Final Design

This is how your Peacock rangoli design will look like.

Hope you liked the design as well as the presentation.  Keep visiting for more designs. Happy Diwali!

How to make rangoli coloured powder at home?

You can either buy readymade rangoli powder from the market or you can make it on your own.  Traditionally women used household items from the kitchen to make rangoli/muggulu/kolam designs.  Using household items, such as rice flour powder, haldi, Kumkum, gulal, spices, grains, for rangoli designing is considered auspicious.

You can use either the rice flour or salt to make the rangoli coloured powder.  Take rice flour or salt in a container with lid.  Add food colour and vinegar to it.  Cover the container with lid and shake it well until the blend gets mixed up well. Finally spread the mixture on a clean cloth or a newspaper and let it dry.

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