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The front door design is the first and the last thing that your visitors are going to notice, and thus your front door design will leave a lasting impression in their minds about you and your home.  More than the status symbol, the primary purpose of your front door is security and insulation. 

When selecting a front door design for your home, one must consider not only the visual appeal but also the protection of the family and a high insulation shield against the turbulent weather outside.

A main door design with all the aspects mentioned above will surely not come without a high price. Still, in the longer run, the selection of a strong and visually appealing main door design will prove a valuable addition to your money.  Moreover, by carefully considering the main door design with good insulation characteristics, you will save a good amount of money on regular energy bills.

Front Door Design Catalogue with Photo Gallery

A perfect front door design takes care of all the main door design’s purposes: security, insulation, and curb appeal.  Scroll down to see the front door design ideas for your home with photos.

Front Door Design Ideas in Solid Wood

Front Door Design Ideas in Steel

Safety Main Door Design Ideas

Main Door Design Ideas in Glass

Critical Considerations while Choosing a New Main Door Design

Material to be Used

Wood, steel, and fiberglass are the three primary materials used in any main door design.  A front door design that you finalize for your home may likely have a blend of two or more of the three materials. Customizing your main door design with a high-technology insulation core and steel frames will not be a bad idea for strength and insulation.  The finishing of the front door exterior can be completed with various materials, such as wood, steel, concrete, glass, porcelain, or lacquer.  As per your main door design expectations, you can combine two or more of these materials for a customized look.

  • Wood: For centuries, wood is still been the best choice for front door designs. When used in furniture and door, wood lends a classic and warm look to the entire ambiance.  Moreover, wood is one material that is very easy to repair.  Compared to other materials used in front doors, wood is the most receptive of the colors and paints; instead, wood essentially needs paints and colors to last longer.  You can enhance the look of your wooden front door with delightful carving and decorative moldings as per your liking.  From utmost security and high insulation, you can use a solid wooden or a solid core door made up of various types of woods available, such as cherry, walnut, teak, maple, white oak, red oak, and mahogany.  The only thing is that wooden doors are very high maintenance and need regular painting and staining to last decades.  Also, wooden front doors need even more maintenance because they are prone to termite attacks.
  • Steel:  Go for a premium steel door with high-tech foam insulation and an inner steel frame for maximum security and weather insulation.  Various safety front door designs are steel because of their strength without compromising the curb appeal.
  • Glass:  When looking for a robust front door design, the glass may look like a poor choice as door material.  Despite that, glass is increasing in popularity in standard exterior doors and safety front doors in commercial properties.  Although you can consider using fiberglass in your main door design because of its painting and staining abilities and because they come cheap, fiberglass is highly prone to cracks and breaks against massive impacts.

Energy Efficiency & Insulation

The quality of frame and front door design that incorporates the door and the frame is critical.

It may look like steel and fiberglass front door designs are more resistant to elements than a wooden door design; we should remember that it is not through the doors, but air leaks around the doors, from where most heat loss happens.  Thus it is vital to be meticulous with the sealing of the weatherstripping.

Modern front door designs are customized with multiple materials to meet all the purposes that a perfect main door design is expected to answer.  High-quality steel and fiberglass front doors come with a thermal break. The thermal break is a material that provides heat resistance, and it is placed between the inside and outside skins of the front door design to prevent heat or cold from leaking through the frame and the door skin. Thermal breaks are also beneficial against the formation of frost.


We agree that security and safety is the primary purpose of any front door design.  Irrespective of what material has been used in the main door design, they have equal footing in providing safety to the front door design. It is instead the locking mechanism that is vital for the front doors.  Always take a front door with an inch-long deadbolt and a strike plate with reinforced metal.  You also have the alternative of considering locking systems with RFID entry and a keyless entry via a smartphone or a transponder available to you.

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