50 Double Door Design Catalogue 2021 with Photos

Double door design may not be as popular as the single door as the main door option; however, if you are considering remodeling your house, how about a main double door design with sidelights?  Isn’t that a great idea!  Sidelights do not go well with single door designs as compared to main double door designs.  There are many features other than just sidelights that a main double door design brings in, which we will discuss in the latter part of the article.

Let’s first look at some of the chosen double door design ideas for your home.

Double Door Design Catalogue 2021 with Photos

Having a double door design as your front door entrance is like you are opening your arms out to the visitors in a welcoming gesture.  Here are some of the exhilarating collections of main double door design ideas for your home.

Main Double Door Design in Fiberglass

A fiberglass double door is most suitable for the front door only, not for the patio or side door. Fiberglass doors are reasonably priced, usually between steel and wooden, and are an excellent replacement for wooden main double door designs. Unlike wooden doors, fiberglass doors are maintenance-free.

Front Double Door Design in Wood

Nothing can match a wooden main double door design at the entrance.  Not only it emanates warmth, but the sheer sight of a solid wood door is also exhilarating.

Although traditionally, the main double door designs primarily used wood, people consider other material types for main double door design, such as fiberglass.  The main double door design in wood is very high maintenance and can be costly.  Over some time, it can warp or swell and is prone to attacks from insects, mainly termites.

Wooden doors sag with time and may get displaced from their location. Always hire a door specialist before you install a double door, especially if it is a double door design.

Double Door Design with Glass

The choice of glass to be used in your double door design will largely depend upon the intended location of the door.  A front double door design with a clear view glass not only will give you a dramatic entry to the patio or garden, but you will also be able to enjoy the clear view of your patio or garden from inside.

For the front double door design, using decorative glass is a great idea.  Not only will it enhance the curb appeal of your front double door design entrance but also it can be a great energy saver.

Main Double Door Design with Glass & Grids

Some people prefer a glass door without patterns.  A front double door design with a blend of grids and glass will be an excellent idea for them.

Glass gives you the luxury of using it in different shapes and patterns of the grid.  You can choose to place the grid on the exterior of the glass or have a grid frame with glass fixed in it.

Front Double Door Design with Blinds

If a door without curtains is your preference, then a front double door design with blinds is a great idea.

Benefits of Double Door Designs

  1. Front Double Door Design at Entrance is a Welcoming Gesture:  Main door is where your visitor will make the first impression about you and the last while exiting.  Double doors open inwards like you open your arms for the guests in a welcoming gesture to the visitors.
  2. Uplifts the Curb Appeal of the House: We spoke about double doors with sidelights above. Apart from that, for a more appealing look, the front double door design can also be remodeled according to the front façade and the window exterior, using a variety of decorative glass and grid designs.
  3. Optimum Space Utilization: A front double door design opening inwards will consume lesser space in its swinging arc as compared to a single door design; thus, letting leaving you with comparatively enough room for your furniture and other items.
  4. More Sunlight: Double doors allow for more light to come in the house than single doors because, with single door designs, more oversized shades and shadows block the light.   You can choose clear glass doors with blinds or stained glasses depending on which direction your door faces. You can also open storm doors or double doors with screens during daylight to let in light.

Installing a Double Door

Remember that a double door is difficult and complex to install as compared to single doors. Therefore, hire a door specialist for designing and installing the double door.

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