150+ Wooden Window Design Catalogue 2021 with Images

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Featured is Wooden Window Design Catalogue for 2021.

A wooden window design for home is a perfect choice if your primary focus is longevity, beauty, resale value. Wooden window designs can be pricey, but they look elegant and add to your house’s curb appeal.

Before the modern age, wood was the first window material used by ancient civilizations. 

Wood windows offer many benefits, which we will see later in this article. 

The purpose of this article is if you have made up your mind or are wondering if you should go for the wooden window design for home, to bring before you the pros and cons of choosing a wooden window design for home over any other window design. It is a sincere effort to help homemakers make an informed, conscious decision about wooden windows for their homes.

Scroll down for 150+ Wooden Window Design Catalogue 2021 with Images.

Wooden Window Design Catalogue for Home 2021 with Pictures

Single Hung Wood Design for Windows

The bottom panel or sash of a single-hung wooden window moves vertically while the upper sash stays stationary. The bottom sash can be opened to block, at most, the upper part of the sash. See the photos above.

Double Hung Wood Design for Windows

Double hung wooden window design differs from single-hung in that they offer the homeowner the ability to open each sash, rather than just the bottom sash. This allows for greater airflow and ventilation. See the images

Twin Double Hung Wood Design for Windows

Twin double hung wooden design for windows offers homebuyers to have two double hung wooden windows together aligned side by side. Please see the photo gallery above.

Oriel Wooden Window Design

An oriel wooden window design is a bay window type that protrudes from a building’s main wall but doesn’t reach the ground.  It is normally installed in the upper story of the house.  See images above.

Cottage Wooden Windows

Cottage wooden window design is a double-hung window with two sliding sashes that slide up and down. They are hung in the same frame with one on top of the other. The sash that is higher than the lower is usually shorter. This window design isn’t limited to older houses.

Two-Panel Slider Wooden Windows

A two-panel wooden window design is made up of horizontal wooden sashes, which move sideways using rollers at their bottoms. See the photo gallery above for better understanding.

Three-Panel Slider Wooden Windows

Three-panel slider wooden widow will have three sliders horizontally moving on a roller. Check images above.

Picture Wooden Window Design for Home

One of the most sought after window design, the picture window design, looks even prettier in wood.

Picture with Double Hung Wooden Windows

How above the beautiful double hung wooden picture windows above?

Hopper Wooden Windows

Having your hopper window designed in wood just adds an entirely different dimension to your home. They look elegant and are a great addition to the curb appeal. See images above.

Casement Wooden Windows

You can even consider the above-shown wooden casement window design for your home.

Two Lite Casement Wooden Window Design

See the photo gallery above for two lite casement wooden window design.

Awning Wooden Windows

Here are some awesome pictures of traditional awning wooden window design.

Fixed Over Awning Wooden Window Design

See the photo gallery above for fixed over awning wooden window design.

Bay Wooden Windows

Bay wooden windows are termed as ‘bay,’ because of their shape. They look very similar to bow windows but have slight difference. Bay wooden windows have flat tapered sides unline bow wooden window design, which has the shape of a bow.

Transom Wood Design for Windows

Aren’t the transom wooden window design elegant? Consider them to be used above your main door, exterior door, or even the interior door. See the photos above.

Bow Wooden Windows

Old style but elegant even today. Bow windows have been there for ages. Consider one of the bow window designs above for your home.

Jalousie Wood Windows

Jalousie wooden window design – photos

A jalousie or louvered wooden window design is made of parallel louveres that are set within a frame. To control airflow, the louveres can be tipped open or closed in unison by turning a crank.

Garden Style Wooden Window Design

A garden wooden window design is similar to a bay or bow window, except that window extends outward from your main wall. Garden wooden windows allow you to use your window almost as a mini-greenhouse. They have a three-dimensional glass structure with an extended shelf and sill that can be used for your plants. See the photo gallery above.

Glass Block Wood Windows

Use annealed or toughened glass in the wooden panel for these glass block wooden window design and add dash to your home’s exterior and interior.

Storm Wooden Window Design

If your house is more prone to bad weather and you require higher level of insulation, then storm wooden window design is a great idea. Storm window is another window fixed outside the main window. See the images above for idea about storm wooden window design.

Egress Wooden Windows

Egress wooden window design will have large openings in the window that provide an exit for emergency situations. Egress window design let’s the natural light to flow into your basement and thus keeps is warmer. Egress window design is most suitable for basement bedrooms and living areas. See images above.

Skylights Wood Design for Windows

The skylight wooden window design is a roofopening fitted with transparent or translucent glass, or plastic that allows natural light to enter the house, most suitable for enclosed areas. See the photo gallery.

Round Wooden Window Design (Full Circle Window)

Get innovative with using these elegant round wooden window designs, which are often also referred to as full circle windows.

Arched Wooden Window Design

One of the oldest window style, the arched window design, as the name suggests, will have an arch shape on top of the window, which makes them very suitable for larger walls. Please check the photo gallery above.

Dormer Wood Windows

Dormer wooden design is classified under roof windows. Dormers are used to extend the living space of a loft outward to create a roof opening. Please check the photo gallery above.

Eyebrow Wood Windows

Another type of roof window design, and as the name suggests, these roof openings look like eyebrows. See the photos above.

Circle Top Wooden Windows

Quarter Arch Wood Windows

Octagon Wooden Window Design

Advangtages of Wooden Window Design for Home

Wooden window design easily blends with paints and colors: People have preferred wooden window design for homes for ages because no other material is as accepting and welcoming to colors and paints. A wooden window design embraces the colors and paints, and instead, wooden windows need to be painted.

Wooden windows add to aesthetics: Nothing can match the warmth and elegance of a wooden house window design. For some homemakers, this is the only reason for opting for a wooden window design.  Ever wondered why other types of window frames try to mimic the wooden look? Wood is a natural material, and its beauty is unique.

Wooden window design for home is easy to maintain: It is a general notion that frames with wooden window designs are challenging to maintain compared to metal, fiberglass, or vinyl as window designs for houses. It is not untrue, but if you use frames with wooden windows, it needs to be adequately sealed. Using high-quality wood for your house window design will lend durability to your windows.

Wood has better insulation: Wooden window design for a home will provide 1800 times more insulation than aluminium and 400 times more than steel. Thus, wood is the perfect material to be used in any house window design. It is always advisable to use the best quality wood frames for your house window design.  

Wood lends durability to your house window design: As mentioned above, wooden frames are the best insulators from their peers, and though going for a wooden window design for your home might look expensive now, but it is a money saver in the longer run. Wooden windows remain rust-free and most ideal for highly humid locations. 

Disadvantages of Wooden Window Design for Home

Here is a heads-up about wooden windows

  1. Wooden window design essentially needs paint: Often unattended wooden window frames will swell over time with moisture, and as mentioned above, wooden window design for home essentially requires paint so that it does not degrade with time.
  2. Insects damage the wooden windows: Insects, mainly termites attack wooden windows; thus, you must consider this vital point before finalizing a wooden window design for your home.
  3. The higher initial cost for wood window design: Though wooden windows are highly costly compared to wooden windows from other materials, they still are an excellent value for money in the long run if appropriately maintained.

Best Wood Types for Wooden Windows

It’s vital to incorporate the correct type of wood in your wooden window design for your home. The type of wood you select must fit the style and color of your home.

  1. Teak Wood
  2. Mahogany 
  3. Douglas Fir
  4. Pine
  5. White Wood
  6. Cherry Wood
  7. Red Oak Wood
  8. Maple Wood

Key Points to Remember about Wooden Windows

  1. Check wooden windows for any blemishes or imperfections.
  2. To give your wooden window design a clean and attractive look, ensure that the finger joints are not visible.
  3. Wooden windows should be installed correctly with corners that are tight and fit perfectly into the window space.
  4. Ensure you have the correct type of exterior cladding for your wooden windows if you plan to add them.

Six Indicators to Help You Change Your Wooden Windows

  1. It’s time to change your wooden windows if, in winters, you feel cold air coming in and in summer heat coming in.
  2. Paint peeling from the wooden windows’ exterior may signify mold, rot, or condensation.It’s time that wooden windows need to be replaced.
  3. It would be best if you replaced any cracks or holes in your window casings.
  4. It would help if you replaced any windows that have condensation between the panes or on the windows.
  5. Your windows are no longer functioning correctly.

You can expect to need to replace your windows within 20 years.

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