30+ Main Door Design Ideas 2021 with Photos

Main door design selection for your dream home can be an ardous task. This article is our first attempt in a series of main door design ideas. Hopefully, it will prove to be a valuable piece of information for those homemakers who are deciding on a ‘perfect’ main door design for their homes.

Apart from featuring the latest main door designs for your home, the article also highlights the factors you must consider while finalizing a ‘perfect’ main door design.

3 Factors to Consider When Deciding on Main Door Design

Apart from the curb appeal, security and insulations are two significant factors that play a vital role in deciding that ‘perfect’ main door design for your home.

1. Security:  Don’t be fooled by fancy or flashy designs. Your main door design must serve its primary purpose of protection. Irrespective of how big or small your home is, there is always a ‘perfect main door design’ for every home, and the first step on the way to installing the main door starts with deciding the perfect main door design for your home, which provides you and your family the desired security.

2. Insulation and Energy Efficiency: Insulation is another major factor determining the door material you will use in your front door design. Main gates made from steel or fiberglass front doors offer more excellent insulation against the elements than wooden doors. However, the majority of heat loss occurs around the door and not through it.

3. Curb Appeal: A ‘perfect’ front door design can set the tone for the home and enhance its appearance.

Scroll down for latest main door design ideas with Images.

30+ Latest Main Door Design Ideas for 2021 with Photos

Apart from keeping our homes secure, a perfect front door design plays a vital role in uplifting your home’s aesthetics.

Here are some exciting new main door designs with photos to help you finalize your front door design.

You can open doors in two ways. One is by turning the door around a vertical axis and sliding it from side to side. Every other type of door is derived from these fundamental mechanisms. There are many types of doors available today: swing doors, hinged doors (double doors), sliding doors, swing doors, sliding doors, and rotating and folding doors.

Hinged Main Door Design

The hinged main door is the most popular front door design among homemakers. The hinged front doors swing open to 90 degrees and are great insulators. The only disadvantage with this front door design is that it requires about 30 inches of space to maneuver.

The hinged front door design is the most appealing from an aesthetic standpoint. Since this front door design has become the most common choice for homes, door manufacturers produce various hinged main doors in multiple styles.

Double Door Design

Main gates based on the double door design, also known as double-leaf doors, are typically 46 inches in length. The home entrances with double door design give that welcoming ambiance to homes and create a sense of warmth and elegance.

Although the double door design is most commonly used in front doors; however, they can also be used in other larger rooms. If imposed in smaller spaces, double door design can look out of proportion and consume extra space.

Any attractive and elegant double door design will enhance the curb appeal of your home. Another good thing about double door design is that it offers more excellent space for moving large furniture and other items. Double door design gates also allow for more natural light through sidelights.

Wooden Door Design

Having a wooden door design in your front door design confers warmth and security to your home. It’s no surprise that wooden doors are one of the most popular front door designs. Although wooden doors are more expensive than vinyl and other designs at first, they last for decades and provide excellent value.

However, you can’t just choose any wooden door design for your dream home. You must consider the type of wood you need to use in your wooden door design. Also, the overall theme of your home plays a significant role in finding the perfect wooden window design, style, and color that you will adopt.

There is a wide range of wood types for your wooden door design like alder, poplar, cherry, white pine, hickory, cedar, mahogany, birch, white oak, walnut, birch, and Red Oak.

With these wood species, you can give a unique look and feel to your wooden door design. It’s not the bigger details that make your home look complete, but the choices you make for the wooden door design, as well as the finish you apply to it.

The conceptualization of your home and the overall feel and look you desire for it will play a significant role in choosing the right wooden door design.

Safety Door Design

Generally, main doors with safety door designs come with a sturdy and robust frame. The safety door design is often conceptualized with stronger materials like wrought iron and steel, which protect your front door design more than common exterior door materials like vinyl or plastic frames. A steel frame and a stainless steel screen used in safety door design not only make your doors intrusion-proof but also add decades of durability.

For maximum security, a safety door design is incomplete without a deadbolt and heavy-duty keyed locks. Also, consider using non-removable pin hinges in your front door design to prevent unauthorized and unwanted entry.

A safety door design will not only protect and secure your home but also add value to it if reselling is one of your considerations in the longer run.

A meticulously chosen safety door design will also add style and elegance to your front door. Many door manufacturers have consciously started to use attractive and flashy materials in safety doors to give them styled finishes that will round off your home’s interior design and exterior of the building. Your safety door design can have a wide range of wood effects, decorative trims, or even plantation coverings to add a curb appeal to the front door design.

Glass Door Design

The use of glass door design has become a modern architectural feature in newer new buildings. The transparency in glass makes your interior visible from the outside.

Depending upon your location, home, and requirement, you can choose from a sliding glass door design or a hinged glass door design. Stack and pivot glass door design is also a good option.

Glass door design enables the sunlight to pass through your house; thus, a more pleasant natural light checks your energy bills.

Main door designs with glass are durable and easy to clean. Glass doesn’t corrode or rust, and it does not collect dirt and grime. The only maintenance required with a glass door design is a wipe with a piece of cloth now and again.

Critical Considerations for a ‘Perfect’ Main Door Design for your Home

1. The material you use for your front door design: The type of material you will use in your main door design will play a vital role in the longer run.

For instance, although a wooden door design may look beautiful at first glance, remember it is susceptible to shrinking and expanding when exposed to water. Also, entrances with wooden door designs are prone to insects, especially termites. If you choose a wooden door design, you must ensure that it is correctly installed in the frame with a sufficient margin from the ground. For the door to expand and contract, it should be snugly fit between the frame and the door. It will ensure the smooth operation of the door when it opens and closes.

It is best to cover your wooden doors with a lot of wood. If your door is not covered, composite doors are a better option than wooden doors. They won’t be affected by damp conditions. Composite doors require less maintenance than wooden. A UPVC door can serve the same purpose but requires less maintenance. However, it does not have aesthetic appeal.

2. Glazing:  You can consider glazing for your front door design. It will not only allow the natural light inside your home, but it is a great way to keep an eye on the visitors. Double glazed main door designs with a peephole on either side of the door may be preferable. Translucent clear glass allows natural light to enter your home, but it will not let anyone see inside.

3. Security: Security is the first purpose of main door designs. If you want to improve the security of your door, a mere lock or double lock may not suffice. Consider installing electronic locks in your front door design. Some main door designs also come with camera features attached to your doorbell.

4. Colors and Paints: Choose the right color for your front door design. The main advantage of choosing a wooden door over a plastic or composite door is the wood’s ability to complement paints. It is important to note that most composite or plastic doors are available in white. For a more attractive front door, you can choose colors like red or green. It will give extra visibility to your front doors.


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