80 Sliding Gate Design Ideas 2021 with Photos

Sliding gate design is the most sought-after main gate design in the world. Given the limitation with using swinging gate design, lately, people have started to prefer sliding gate design over the conventional swinging gate design for the front gate.

Modern Sliding Gate Design

Many homes don’t have the space for a grand, palace-style gate. We will need a gate

that fits the space and looks majestic.

Modern sliding gate designs are an engineering wonder. These sliding gates glide along on a rail and do not block the road like conventional gates.  

Most importantly, sliding gates can be installed even in a cramped-up area where there is not enough room for swinging doors to open and shut.

Sliding gates can be installed on uneven ground and steep slopes. You can install a sliding gate design with either manual or automated mechanisms.

Sliding Gate Design Explained

A sliding gate can move on a rail that is generally fixed to the ground.  These gates move horizontally, unlike regular swing gates.

There are two options for a sliding gate design – manual and automatic. The automated system uses a motor and a transmitter to control the gate’s movements.

Because of many advantages over its peer gate designs, today’s sliding gate design has become an integral part of modern architecture. Sliding gates are simple to install, look great, and are very easy to use.

A sliding design for the main gate offers the builder freedom to try various patterns for the house elevation and exterior and interior designs. Since sliding gate design is very accommodative in its mechanism, they are easy to operate and can be used in any part of your house, from the main gate to the back door to the cupboard to the garage.

Any gate’s primary purpose is to provide safety and security. Sliding gates not only look great and modern, but these do not compromise security as well.

Sliding Gate Design Types

Depending on the location where the main gate is to be installed, use, convenience, cost, and other factors, three sliding gate designs are based on their operational mechanism.

Track sliding gate design

These gates are moved on rail tracks that have been installed on the ground. Track sliding gate design is famous in commercial, residential, and office buildings due to its ease of use and smooth operation. Track sliding gates must be well maintained and made of durable material. To avoid friction and create a gurgling sound, grease the rails, channels, and rollers. The track sliding gates will last a long time if they are maintained well.

Cantilever sliding gate design

Cantilever sliding gates can be used when ground tracks are not available to run the gate and when there is always something blocking the channels when installing sliding gates. A cantilever is the best alternative for busy roads and areas where installing tracks is impossible.

The track sliding gate rolls on a wheel at the bottom of the gate, with supporting wheels at the back. On the other hand, a cantilever sliding gate is suspended above ground and moves via rollers that run along the top and inner of the fence, attached to a vertical concrete foundation.

Automatic telescopic sliding gate design

Automatic telescopic sliding gates are ideal for a single-side sliding arrangement is impossible due to limited space or no runback. Because sliding gate design does not take up much driveway space, they can span large driveways and aren’t affected by slopes up to the road. However, they need room to open.

80 Sliding Gate Design Ideas of 2021 with Photos

Scroll down to see 14 modern sliding gate designs with photos. Let’s take a look at them.

Wooden sliding gate design for home

Stainless steel sliding gate design for home

Motorized sliding gate design

Steel sliding gate design

Sliding iron gate design for home

Slider fence gate

Sliding gate design for commercial use

Modern custom sliding gate design

Double leaf telesopic sliding gate

Triple leaf telescopic sliding driveway gate

Automatic telescopic sliding gate design

Electric sliding gates

Aluminium sliding gate design for garden

Sliding gate design for driveways

3 Key Factors to Consider While Choosing a Sliding Main Gate Design

Your home’s exterior style will dictate the type of your gate. The kind of your gate should complement the exterior of your home and not be out of place. A galvanized sliding steel gate, for example, is perfect for a modern, contemporary house. A wrought iron sliding gate design, on the other hand, complements older or more traditional architectural properties and can be used in a variety of styles.

(1) The Type of Main Gate Design:  Broadly speaking, there are two factors will determine the type of main gate design that you choose – style and size.

There are many options for gates, but the most popular two being swing gates or sliding gates. A swing gate is used for driveways. You can choose from single, double, or bi-fold swing gates. Depending on the space available and your architectural needs, you can choose from single, double, or bi-fold swings.

On the other hand, a sliding gate design can give your property a contemporary, modern look.

(2) Property Size:  It is vital to consider the size of your property and the amount of space you are willing to give to the front entrance gate. A sliding gate that is compact and easy to install will work well for smaller driveways. However, large driveways can be able to accommodate a swing gate.

(3) Maintenance of Gate:  Different material requires different maintenance needs. A sliding wooden gate, for example, needs to be stained or treated regularly. On the other hand, a Wrought iron slider gate requires less maintenance and is more resistant to corrosion when adequately protected.

9 Tips & Tricks for Installing a New Gate

This guide will show you how to install your main gate.

Step 1: Take expert’s advice: If you have even slightest of doubt about the process of installation of gate, it is highly recommended you hire an expert or at least take his advice. If your gate has an installation manual, read the instructions thoroughly. Each gate is different, and each manual will detail how to install it.

Step 2:  Site of main gate installation: When buying real estate, it is crucial to consider the surrounding area. It is also essential to view the site when installing your gate. It is vital to make sure your gate can be opened or closed in the place you choose. Depending on the space available, you might choose from different types of gates. Consider whether you’ll be using single, double, or sliding gates.

Step 3: Inspect the soil: You’ll need to adjust your gate posts based on the soil type. To prevent corrosion, you need to protect your gate posts.

Step 4: Continuous measurement: Once you have completed your research about the soil types and the best way to place the posts, keep a measuring tape on hand. Measure the distance between the gate posts. After the holes are dug, measure the space again. If the posts move a little during installation, it is easy to lose your way. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Step 5: Level the ground beneath your main gate:  You can use a shovel or a rake to level it. It is better than waiting until you hang up your gates to find out if you hit a bump. To ensure that the gate can be closed, you will need to double-check.

Step 6: Digging the post holes:  If you don’t get the holes right, your post could twist. It is vital to ensure safety when digging because you never know what may be under it. There might be cables or pipes under the surface. Apart from that, you must ensure that there is enough digging space.

Step 7: Adjust hinges and post: Adjustable hinges can be used if the post is moving. It is impossible to predict when concrete or soil will dry up.

Step 9: Maintain the gate: After installing your gate, make sure you maintain it properly to ensure it lasts. You can easily clean your gate by washing it and removing any weeds.

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