35 Main Gate Design Ideas of 2021 with Photos

Presenting 35 main gate design ideas of 2021 with photos for your home.

Remember been greeted or passing by a house with a grand main gate? Selecting the perfect main gate design for your home not only adds value to your residential property, but for the visitors, an ideal front gate design is also the preview of your house. 

Some readers might think that their home does not need the main gate entrance for any reason. No matter how homey or dissolute your home may be, there is always a perfect main gate design for it.

While you are deciding on a perfect main gate design for your home, what are the factors that might influence your choice? Though an ideal front gate design must be safe and protective, it is also essential that the gate design of your home reflect the soul and spirit of your house. 

Sometimes we might have financial or area constraints where we might have to compromise on the front gate design.

This article brings you 35 main gate design ideas with images. Before you scroll down to see them, we recommend that you also consult a professional who can advise you with the nitty-gritty of selecting a perfect gate for your house.

Main Gate Design Ideas for your Dream Home

Scroll down to find out the most suitable front gate design idea for your home.

Modern Grey Main Gate Design

This main gate design is modern, calm, and sleek. The steel grey gate, with its clean vertical lines and concrete floor, complements the concrete walls. This front gate design allows outsiders to peek inside, making it ideal for suburban homes or townhouses.

Iron Mesh Main Gate

Iron gate design with mesh is ideal for front yards and gardened lawns. This gate design is solid and also lets you see through from inside and outside.

White Laser Cut Front Gate Design

White laser-cut gates ooze elegance, look trendy and are perfect for modern city homes. The elegant pattern perfectly balances the contemporary plains of the walls.

Minimalist Slider Gate Design

This main gate design provides full coverage without being bulky. This sturdy gate is ideal for front doors opening onto busy streets and cramped-up areas. It can be moved easily on rails. Modern minimalist design can also be automated.

Cedarwood Gate Doors

The cedarwood farmhouse design is perfect for grand entrances. Cedarwood gates have a rustic feel to them and are ideal for farmhouses or countryside homes.

Aluminium Gate Design

Modern, elegant, and robust, the aluminium gate design offers maximum security and many options to design them as per your home’s aesthetics. Aluminium gate design is perfect for front gates of suburban homes and gardens.

Gothic Main Gate

Gothic main gate design is a traditional style of fencing and has been around for more than half a century. Some homeowners prefer this fence for security reasons. Because of its pointed ends, it makes it difficult to climb.

Main Entrance with Pergola

Adding a pergola to your main gate design will increase your home’s curb appeal. Wooden and metal gate doors look fantastic.

Main Gate Design with Frosted Glass Gate

If you like glass gate designs, having a frosted glass gate is an innovative and modern idea. Using frosted glass in iron or steel panels of your gate will make your front gate design simple yet elegant.

Wrought Iron Main Gate Design

Wrought iron gates will always be timeless, classic, and elegant. Wrought iron gates are charming and nostalgic. Wrought iron gates can be made to your specifications and are sturdy and affordable. Wrought iron gate design is an excellent choice for your front yard or the garden.

Mid-Century Modern Gate Design

This main gate design will leave you with a mid-century modern nostalgic feeling, and they look romantic and charming. A mid-century modern front gate design can blend steel, wood, gravel, or stacked stone posts.

Matching Home and Entrance

Let your entrance gate tell your story. The idea may not be innovative, but it is always a perfect idea if the style and look of your home and front gate are matching.

Timber and Metal

A combination of metal edging and seasoned timbre in your main gate design can be a great idea. The blend of timber and metal can add a rustic, elegant, and timeless look to the front gate design. This gate offers maximum security and coverage and can be easily matched to any home design.

White Wood Gate Design

You can select a white wood main gate design if you need maximum security but still want your gate to look welcoming and chic. This impressive entrance is solid and secure. The entrance’s imposing appearance is toned down by painting it white. The white wood gate doors can be decorated with panels in the middle with glasswork.

Contemporary Wrought Iron Gate Design

This front gate design is an excellent upgradation to the traditional wrought iron gate and fence. The main gate design with a contemporary wrought iron pattern can be modern and minimalist than the conventional wrought iron gate. Wrought iron is flexible and can be molded into various ways and curves.

Black Gate Design

A black front door generates robust and protective energy. This intense energy can be felt by simply looking at the front door. The black color is calming and elegant and acts as a shield. Black can be used for front doors that face East or Southeast. This is a great front gate design for townhouses. It can be both eye-catching and secure. The solid wall offers privacy, while the black steel gate adds style and sophistication to the design.

Rustic Wooden Main Gate Design and Fence

The best front gates designs and ideas never go out of fashion. The rustic gate concept lends elegance, beauty, and a dash of vintage to the front gate design. Give your gate a personality. Make it inviting and nostalgic.

Main Gate Design in Laser-cut Metal

Laser-cut gate design is striking and extraordinary because of its simplicity. It is elegant and straightforward. It’s made from bare metal, with precise cuts and traditional latches and hinges.

Wood and Stone Gate Design

This innovative blend of wood and stone will lend charm and modernity to your front gate design. The modern design uses a lot of natural elements, including concrete, wood, and stone. You can also incorporate a mesh steel panel.

Vertical Pipes

Futuristic, innovative, and extraordinary. Your entrance can make a statement by accommodating vertical pipes in the design. Apart from adding to your house’s curb appeal, this front gate design is protected with the use of sturdy materials like steel or iron.

Cottage White Picket Fence Gate

Charming and simple, this white picket fence gate design is a classic example of country elegance. White picket front gate design is suitable for front yard entrances, front yards with foliage, and gardens. The white color complements the vibrant greens and vivid colors perfectly; therefore can be an excellent idea for a home with a garden in front.

Tuscan Barn Doors

Tuscan Barn door is warmly inviting, charming, reliable, and robust. This gate design is perfect for a happy home, good weather, and good times. The metal ring handles and hinges make them classic.

Minimalist Wrought Iron

This gate and fence design are perfect for modern minimalist homes. The design is clean and straightforward, with a basic color scheme. It also features efficient functionalities. To make the fence and gate combination stand out, you can use black.

Laser-cut Steel Gate Design

The primary cold grey steel gate can be dressed up with elegant lasered cuts. The graceful curves of these cuts add elegance and sophistication.

Wood and Iron

A blend of warm wood tones and sturdy cool iron gives your main gate a timeless and hard-to-beat look.

Zen Main Gate Design

Zen means meditation in Japanese. Zen gate entrance is a great way to create a calm atmosphere for your visitors. Zen-style gate designs create a relaxing and soothing environment that is always a delight for the eyes. Check the beautiful Zen-style entrance design images for you to consider.

Rustic Ranch Main Gate Design

Classic, elegant and striking design. Rustic ranch gates are charming and imposing. 

Laced Iron Main Gate Design

Modish, elegant, and beautiful. The charming and graceful filigree iron gate is timeless. Check some front gate designs with laced iron in the images.

Block and Mesh Pattern to Main Gate Design

A gate design with the use of block and mesh is simple, modern, and efficient. The robust material offers maximum security, while mesh insets let you see from both sides.

Black Metal Slider

High security, elegant design, and efficiency. This sliding metal gate has everything you need. The entrance is impressive, strong, and impressive. It also features a sliding feature that makes it easy to operate.

Minimalist Metal Gate Design

Check out the images of some durable, stylish, and striking minimalist metal gate designs. You can be innovative with these gates by adding vertical metal lats, iron gate frames, and chrome handles.

Black Iron Gate

Where black color adds dash to your gate design, iron lends strength. You can be innovative about the design by adding mesh or a decorative pattern to the design.

Etched Metal Gate Design

With some stunning etchings, you can transform a flat metal panel in your gate into something interesting. See some etched metal gate design images.

Modern-French Matte-Black Front Gate

Many modern front gates include metal elements. These modern French matte-black front gates lend a sleek and chic look to your fence and front entrance. These gates can have black metal spokes inside the black metal frame, and they look classy.

Folding Iron Main Gate Design

It is fascinating and eye-catching. This gate’s unique design comprises folded iron plates that give it a sleek, mesmerizing appearance. While the iron plates provide strength and security, the striking design belies its creative nature.

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