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A French window is a beautiful and timeless window that allows natural light to flood into your home. This fascinating window design has a rich history and the ability to provide unobstructed views for your home. Let us explore a French window design, its history, some beautiful French window design ideas, and the installation of French windows in greater detail.

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It is not easy to understand why the French window is so misunderstood. French windows are technically not French. You can walk through French windows like doors, but they are still classified as windows.

French doors are very similar to standard patio doors, so they are sometimes called French Doors by estate agents.

French windows look very similar to regular casement windows but are constructed slightly differently. French windows are casement windows that reach the floor and open in the middle. They can be placed on an exterior wall as well.

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History of French Window Design

French windows are not French, as the name implies. French windows have a history that begins in Italy. If we look back further in history, French window design was first utilized by the Romans and Greeks.

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The Renaissance saw the revival of the design principles of symmetry, proportion, and geometry, and the architects took inspiration from traditional Greek features such as columns, arches, and lintels. This trend can be seen in French window design.

French Window Design 80+ Ideas & Pictures

Scroll down for some French Window Design Ideas for Your Home.

Tilt and Turn French Window Design

These windows can be tilted open from the top or swing inward from the sides.

Tilt-Only or Hopper French Windows

Tilt-only or hopper French windows are tiltable inward from the top to allow constant outside airflow.

Picture French Window Design

These stationary windows can be used to let light into the home.

Sliding French Window Design

Sliding french windows adds to the elegance of window and the window gates do not need extra space for swing. Sliding french widow design can be chosen with single door slider or double door slider. You can be innovative as well.

Arch-shaped French Window Design

Arched French window design can soften the appearance of the room and make is look more open.  You can get a wider view of the outside with an arch. The arch windows are also known as radius windows because of the arch shape on top.

White French Window Design

White lends timeless and classic look to the French windows. For a winning combination, white windows can be paired up with almost any exterior color. If you have a darker siding, white French windows can be used as contrast.

Wooden French Window Design

Wooden adds beauty and warmth to French windows. Wooden French window design is environmental friendly and installing a wooden French window will positively impacts health and well-being.

Stainless Steel French Window Design

If you have a larger room, then installing stainless steel French window is a great idea. Steel will lend a precise, clean and impervious element to your home; not to forget the anti-corrosive quality of steel.  Stainless steel French windows if maintained properly are very durable.

Black Metal French Windows

Black adds high contrast to the French windows.  Black frame in the French windows create a stark contrast with white walls or other light-colored walls. Above all black French windows create a stronger connection to the outdoors.

Aluminium French Windows

French windows made from aluminium can last for decades due to its resistance to impact and outside weather. Aluminium French windows are strong and lightweight, so they are hard to dent.

Understanding the French Window Design

French windows are called portes-fenetres in France for ‘windowed doors’ or ‘door-sized windows.’ They function in the same way as French doors. Both casement sashes and a primary leaf are used to open them.

True French windows are narrower than other doors and have elegant proportions.

French Window Design Photo

French windows look similar to standard casement windows. They are attached to the frame by hinges on one side, but they do not have a central post nor mullion. They create one large opening without any structural elements that block the view.

You can attach a handle to each one and fit them with an espagnolette locking mechanism, and French windows are very safe.

French windows have the same locking mechanisms as standard windows. This makes them equally secure and safe. These windows pose the greatest risk if they aren’t properly installed.

How to Install French Windows

French windows can be difficult to install. Professional help is essential to ensure a successful installation. An expert with experience in installing French windows will ensure that the French window opens and closes smoothly. You won’t be affected by air leaks or other problems if the gaps around your door frame have been sealed. It can affect your home’s security and energy efficiency if your French window isn’t installed correctly.

  1. When installing a French window, it is important to measure the radius of your swing and ensure that it is clear.
  2. Next, check the depth of the opening.
  3. It would be best if you planned to buy a door that fits within that width.
  4. A standard-sized French window will fit most homes, even if they are older. You may have to modify the openings of older homes to accommodate the French windows you choose.
  5. Pre-hung French windows can be purchased in standard frames. It makes installation easy and simple. Pre-hung doors take out many of the tedious steps involved in installing a door. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cost of Installing a French Window

French windows are about the same price as regular casement windows. French windows cost about $120 to install. Labor costs range between $150 and $270 for each window. However, the exact price will vary depending on where you live.

Scroll down for some more French Window Design Ideas for Your Home.

French Window Designs for your Home


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