70+ Modern Window Design for Home Ideas 2022 with Pictures

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Featured are 70+ Modern Window Design for Home Ideas of 2021 with pictures. If you are looking for a perfect window design for your home, hopefully, the paper will be helpful.

Windows are an essential feature of buildings. They form part of the thermal envelope and provide light transmission, sound control, and natural ventilation. Although window styles have varied over time with regard to opening, size, sash pattern, and shape, they were primarily constructed from wood until the 20th century, when aluminium and steel became viable material options.

Photo of a normal house with windows

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In ancient times, the house window design mainly would have openings filled with stone, wood, iron grills, or panes. Although most modern window designs are generally glazed or covered with translucent or transparent material, a few window designs use transparent plastic.

70+ Modern Window Design for Home Ideas 2022 with Pictures

Scroll down to see the collection of our latest window designs for house with pictures.

Modern Window Design for Home #1 | Casement Home Window Design

Casement window design for home photo

Casement window hinge at the sides and open outwardly to the right or left. This window design is also called crank window design because the windows have a handle that turns the support arm of the window inward. The easy-turning fold-down handle makes it easy to open and close casement windows.

A casement window design for home is commonly used where maximum ventilation is required, such as in a bathroom or kitchen. A casement window can be placed over obstructions like a sink in a kitchen to make it easier to open and close. This window design for home is often used in sitting rooms and sunrooms because casement windows offer unobstructed views of nature.

Advantages of Casement Window Design for Home

  • Superior ventilation. A casement window is the best type of replacement window design because it offers better ventilation.
  • Superior view.
  • Casement windows come in various designs.
  • Extraordinary Security.

Modern Window Design for Home #2 | Awning Home Window Design

Awning window picture

Awning windows look almost the same as casement windows but have hinges at the top. Awning window design for home can be opened outward to allow for natural light and ventilation. They are great for small spaces like a bathroom or kitchen.

Advantages of Awning Window Design for Home

  • Awning windows are usually installed higher than the walls to maximize ventilation and prevent rainwater from entering.
  • This window design is ideal for damp climates because of its weather-tight construction.
  • Awning window design is a great replacement window design because it can conveniently blend with other types of windows.

Cons:  They are easy to get dirty and require frequent cleaning. Not an option for emergency escape.

Modern Window Design for Home #3 | Fixed Home Window Design

Living in dry and dusty areas can make it difficult to see the outside and receive continuous light. By strategically placing fixed windows in the home, you can bring maximum natural sunlight and reduce your energy consumption.

A large fixed window creates the illusion of more space, making small rooms appear larger. The window keeps the room’s temperature the same in climate-controlled rooms. Fixed windows are more economical than any other type of window design for home.

Fixed home windows prevent water from accumulating in the tracks during rainstorms or washing to keep the shine.

Because they are tightly sealed and meticulously drilled, the window frames do not sag. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and still be strong.

Advantages of Fixed Home Window Design:

  • Enjoy the double benefit of having a view of the outside and the comfort of your well-lit room.
  • Fixed home window design is highly recommended for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and air-conditioned bedrooms.
  • Ideal for offices with centrally air-conditioned buildings and high-rise apartment staircases.
  • Ideal for landings, hallways, and large living spaces that are surrounded by beautiful natural settings.

Modern Window Design for Home #4 | French House Window Design

A French window design is essential in every home because of its stunning beauty and high operational standards. As the name implies, French windows are casement windows that exude class and architectural sensibility while also functionally simple. There are many French window designs to choose from if you love French casement windows.

These windows are available in various unique design options and materials that will add style and flair to your home’s interior. French window design can be customized in various styles, including grill patterns and wood exteriors.

French window design photo

French casement windows can be either in-swing or outside-swing due to advanced sash engineering combined with research in weather-stripping, which allows for enough flexibility and gives a clear view of the operation’s smoothness. This French window design offers easy installation of the windows, and it requires very little maintenance.

French casement house window design not only looks great but also works efficiently. French casement windows are a great window design choice for modern housing. They come in a variety of designs, including flat, arch, and radius.

Advantages of French Window Design for Home

  • French window design lets enough natural light.
  • Great views from the outside.
  • The French windows are visually appealing.
  • French window designs offer a stunning look to both the interior and exterior of the house.

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Modern Window Design for Home #5 | Sliding House Window Design

Two or more frames can slide horizontally on tracks to the right or left in a sliding window design. For smooth sliding and dust prevention, the windows are slightly raised from the channel.

Sliding windows can be made in modern styles to match your tastes and preferences. They can also be elegant choices for your home decor.

Sliding windows offer many benefits, including ease of use, architectural enrichment, simplicity, and convenience. Because they slide horizontally in the grooves between the fixed panes, they are an excellent alternative for small spaces such as interior partitions, cubicles, and balconies.

Sliding Window Design for Home Advantages

  • Stylish and graceful
  • Easy of use
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Durable.
  • Offers an uninterrupted view.

Modern Window Design for Home #6 | Tilt & Turn House Window Design

Tilt & turn home window design is a unique window design that offers many benefits, including versatility and next-generation design. This home window design is a practical way of saving energy in buildings.

Modern tilt and turn home window design is becoming increasingly popular. Tilt and turn windows can be opened slightly by simply turning the handle once to allow for ventilation. You can also twist the handle to open the top slightly. The window will then swing inwards on its side hinges, making it easy to clean. It’s so much easier than it was in the past.

Tilt & turn home window design is available in many styles and finishes. To make your home or office stand out, you can select your favorite effects and glass options. Tilt & turn house window design is becoming more popular because it provides greater safety, energy efficiency and reduces noise. Tilt & turn house window design is also low maintenance.

Advantages of Tilt & Turn House Window Design

  • Economical.
  • Excellent safety.
  • Easy to clean.

Modern Window Design for Home #7 | House Window Design in Glass

The glass window design is one of the most popular choices of many home designers. Having said that choosing the right glass window for your home is slight tricky. Glass window designs are available in many options to suit specific needs. They can help reduce energy consumption and lower overall energy costs.

The right window glass design for your windows will depend on several factors, including the insulation requirements based on climatic conditions, sound insulation requirements based on the surrounding environment, and safety requirements.

Different Types of Window Glass Design Patterns

Following are some examples of window glass design ideas that you can use:

Annealed Window Glass Design / Float Windows

Annealed or float glass is the most popular window glass design.

Tinted Window Glass Design

These glass varieties can be colored in a variety of colors to absorb solar radiation. Tinted float annealed glasses are more energy-efficient and offer thermal insulation as well as more significant solar radiation.

Reflective Window Glass Design

Reflective glass is a floating glass coated with a metallic coating that helps to reflect solar radiation and thermal insulation better than tinted or radiation. It also ensures minimal visibility from the exterior.

Tempered/Toughened Window Glass Design

Tempered or toughened glasses can be tempered at very high temperatures, making them more robust than ordinary float glass. They become brittle from heating and shatter when broken.

Laminated/Shatterproof Window Glass Design

Laminate glass is made up of two sheets of glass from any of the mentioned glasses. These glass sheets are sandwiched together using one or more layers of PVB plastic resin. The process of sandwiching/lamination makes the glass much more potent and prevents easy breakage. The glass doesn’t shatter because it has PVB Plastic or resin in between.

Advantage of Window Glass Design for Home

  • Glass can reflect, absorb, and transmit light in a way that is unlike any other material. It can also be transparent or translucent. These characteristics can add incredible beauty to your building.
  • Glass transmits 80% of the daylight without any weathering, clouding, or yellowing.
  • Glass is weather-resistant and rust-resistant and can withstand the effects of rain, wind, and sun without losing its integrity or appearance.
  • It has a shiny, smooth surface. Glass is, therefore, dust-proof and easy to clean.
  • It’s economical. Glass saves energy because it lets in natural light even when you close the windows. You also save money on your electricity bills.
  • Electric hazards are far less dangerous. Glass is an excellent insulator. It cannot conduct electricity.

Modern Window Design for Home #8 | Designer House Window Design

Scroll down to see our selection of designer windows designs.

Arched House Window Design for Home

You can choose a strong arch and styling design to create a window that enhances your environment.

An arch house window design is an integral part of any building or structure. Arch window design has a unique style, appeal, and this window design is used in bedrooms, balconies, and other areas of the structure. Arch house window design is now available in intricate patterns that enhance the structure’s interior and surroundings.

There are many options for house window design with arches, including semi-circular, flat, corbelled, triangular designs, bell arch, bull’s eye arch, segmented, Islamic arch, and segmented designs. An arch design can be used in a variety of spaces and is suitable for different designing needs.

Picture House Window Design

You can use picture windows to replace opaque doors and walls with clear glass. Picture windows are often used with other windows to create a beautiful aesthetic. Picture windows are best placed where they offer the best view of the outside.

Picture windows can only bring in natural light and provide a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Before you decide to install picture windows, it is essential to remember that they cannot be opened for ventilation.

Bay or Bow Home Window Design

Bay window design can add a new dimension to an old space. Bay designs are a unique combination of exotic features and beautiful decorative looks that provide ample sunlight and stunning views of the surrounding environment.

You can choose any shape, including rectangular, round, and polygonal bay windows, to make your interior unique and attractive. These innovative ideas will help you incorporate thoughtful decorating ideas into your home, making it beautiful and comfortable.

Perfect bay windows can make a beautiful space where you can unwind and enjoy quality time. Bay design can blend with many different ideas, such as creating a comfortable reading spot or a window seat. Bay design offers pleasant interiors due to its rich features.

Corner Home Window Design

Corner windows can add a unique aesthetic to your home by connecting your home and the landscape, thus making the environment more charming and glowing. Corner windows are an ideal choice for buildings with stunning surroundings.

Corner windows have a strong design appeal and are constructed to a high standard, which enhances the appearance of the interior space.

Corner windows are used to bring in plenty of sunlight, fresh air, and freshness. They are stylish and modern and can be very effective.

These windows are easy to install anywhere and everywhere. Installing corner windows is an excellent option if you have limited space and require sunlight and ventilation.

Modern Window Design for Home #9 | Single Hung & Double Hung Home Window Design

These windows are the result of a combination of practicality and simplicity in the window industry. This window is notable for its many operable sashes, which can slide up and down to allow ventilation. 

Double-hung house window designs have both advantages and disadvantages

  • Accessibility and ease of cleaning
  • Ventilation and energy efficiency are increased
  • Use with window AC
  • You can choose from a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors.

Modern Window Design #10 | Conservatory Window Design

Glass Window Design

The beauty and charm of a conservatory window design are unsurpassed. These structures provide the perfect extension to your living space and the natural beauty of the environment.

A conservatory is defined as a building with at least 50% of its side walls glazed and 75% of its roof covered in translucent materials (polycarbonate sheeting, glass). These stunning structures can be seen in parks, gardens, and botanical institutions all over the globe. Modern conservatories employ a variety of technologies to make glass as efficient as possible. They allow maximum sunlight and maintain a constant temperature during summer and winter.

Modern Window Design for Home #11 | Insect Screen Home Window Design

Mesh Pull-down House Window Design

The pull-down mesh window design adds elegance and safety to your home. This glass mesh is fire-resistant, dust-resistant, waterproof, and rustproof.

Pleated Mesh House Window Design

The pleated mesh was created by Japanese artisans and refined by Germans to ensure innovation and quality. You can get a unique mesh system with a caterpillar chain to protect your home.

Zig Zag Mesh

Zig Zag meshes have a low-rise threshold, allowing virtually unhindered crossings, with no tripping, ingress, or egress.

Slider Mesh

Sliding mesh screens are well-respected for their small size, durability, and flawless finish. You can fit sliding mesh to existing windows and doors. There are many options available for customers to choose from.

How to Install Windows at Home

The window joining walls must be plastered both from the inside and outside. The new window must be installed in a clear cavity. The sill should have good plastering.

Every window should be properly and adequately shimmed to the plumb line.

The cavity must be measured at three points in width and height. The difference between the maximum and minimum size for width and height should not exceed 12mm.

The sill width is greater than the width of the window frame.

Clear guidelines should be provided to determine whether a window should be flushed internally or externally and what space should be left outside or inside if there is more sill height.

It is vital that the installation only begins after one coat of paint has been applied. If grills must be installed on slider windows or inward-opening windows, they should be done before installing any window. If the outward-opening window is to be installed, it should be done after the window has been installed.


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