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Featuring normal house front elevation designs with photos.

The front elevation designs of your property always have a direct effect on the property’s value. The home dimensions are usually drawn to scale. They correspond with the architectural drawings’ specifications. These house elevation designs help you determine how your home will look at various angles.

Normal Indian House Front Elevation Designs for Homes with Photos

Here is an overview of normal Indian house front elevation designs from various angles, giving you an idea of the house’s overall look.

Single Floor Front Elevation Design

Simple houses and single floors have become very fashionable. The advantage of single floor houses is the low cost of getting them built. In hindsight, today, single floor houses cannot be called simple houses because people are making bigger single floor houses, with some having 4 or more bedrooms.

The front elevation gives you a great view from the entry-level and thus is a critical element of any home elevation design. It also includes the main gate, entrance, windows, and other features. Sidewalls are not visible in the front view unless they are strategically placed or protruding from your house, which is elegantly enhanced by the 3D elevations. Here are some stunning single floor front elevation design pictures for your house.

Double Floor House Front Elevation

The front elevation of a double-floored building is very similar to that of a front elevation single floor house, except for the additional floor. We have brought you some examples of frontals that perfectly and uniquely showcase all the prominent features of a double floor front elevation design. See photos. 

Front Elevation for a Three Story House

In many areas, three-story buildings are standard. These houses are built by people who don’t care much about apartment culture but still want to include some elements. See photos for the front elevation designs of buildings with three floors. Check the pictures for idea about front elevation for a 3 floor house.

Bungalow Front Elevation Design

A bungalow usually has one story or a part of a second with a cottage-style top. Here are the four best front elevation bungalow designs for you. You can choose one as per your taste. You can view all bungalow designs in their raw form to get a better idea of what you will get. In one bungalow design, you can see parts of the buildings as if they were in blocks, creating an original design.

Independent Indian Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Above is the gallery of Independent Indian normal house front elevation designs. These constructions are becoming more popular, particularly in the suburbs, because you don’t have to be limited by the space you have in your suburbs. This design is best for those who don’t want to make too much fuss.

Normal House Front Elevation Designs for a Duplex House

Before we go to duplex house elevation designs, let us clear the confusion between a duplex house and a two-story house. Despite their popularity in the Indian real estate market, many people still cannot distinguish how a duplex house is different from a two-story house.  

A duplex house is constructed on two floors, which has one dining room and one kitchen. The duplex homes have a common central wall and consist of two living units on two floors or side by side, and they have separate entrances.

Apartment Elevation Design

Because of the scarcity of land and the benefits of living in a community, the culture of living in an apartment is growing very fast in urban and rural areas. We bring you the best apartment elevation designs. Some apartment buildings have commercial shopping areas on the ground floor, and some may have the ground floor exclusively dedicated to parking only.

Ultra-Modern Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Ultramodern house elevation is trendy and elegant. Many people prefer glass elevation design to give their house a rich and stylish look. By adding attractive lighting to the elevation design, you can make it modern and elegant. This front elevation design blends the style quotient and the natural elements, tying them up elegantly. Another beauty is the addition of woof to the frontal area.

Modern Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Modern house elevation design is a great way to incorporate modern and contemporary style into your home. A terrace, even if it only has one floor, is a bonus. Look at the photos of modern house elevation designs below, which will give you an idea of how it looks.

Villa Front Elevation Design

A villa with a garden, patio, and a parking area is something many people dream of. However, it requires a significant financial investment to achieve this goal. A perfect elevation plan will give you an idea of what you can expect before making your final decision. Below are some stunning villa front elevation designs for villas. 

Wooden Front Elevation

The wooden front elevation is another front-facing design that’s great for those who love wood and want it to be part of their home’s exterior. Of late wooden front elevations by wooden boards have become very fashionable. The woody accent to the front lends grace, style and adds to the standard of the building. Here are some wooden front elevation designs for you.

Small House Front Elevation Design

No matter the size, owning a home can be a dream come true. Modern techniques make it possible to build a tiny house with ease. Here we have brought some stunning small house elevation designs. The staggering elevation of a small dwelling can show the beauty of a home with its stylish finishing and architectural elements.

Office Front Elevation Design

A residential building’s elevation is very different from an office design. It focuses more on the classy, attractive feel of the office than on the cosy feeling. This rustic, refined design encourages you to get up in the morning and be enthusiastic about your work. These areas have separate parking spaces for employees.

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Normal House Front Elevation Designs – FAQ

  1. What is an elevation?

    The elevations depict the appearance of your home when seen from certain angles. These angles can be used to create different elevations. There are many types of elevations: front elevation, side elevations, rear elevations and split elevations.

  2. What does front elevation mean?

    The front elevation is the side view of a house from outside that includes the front porch, entrance door, and windows. This could be the side that faces the street or has a yard. This is also known as the “entry elevation.”

  3. What are normal house plan elevation designs?

    Normal house plan elevation designs show the view of a house from one side. An elevation drawing shows the final appearance of a particular side of the house. It also provides vertical height measurements. Four elevations are usually drawn for each side.

  4. How are elevation and plan different?

    A plan is simply a bird's-eye view of an area. To make the interior spaces visible, it is necessary to remove the roof when drawing a floor plan. An elevation is a view taken from one side of an object, which is used to draw interior elevations.

  5. What is the purpose of normal house front elevation designs?

    Normal house front elevation designs show the house from the street. The front elevation, also known as an “entry elevation,” shows the features of the house, including the entry doors, windows and front porch. It also includes any extras such as side porches, chimneys, or chimneys.

  6. What is the typical height of a one-story home?

    The ceilings of single-story houses are usually high. It will, therefore, be approximately 11 to 12 feet high (slab to slab). It will be 8 to 9 feet tall once the interior is completed.

  7. What is the ideal height for a floor?

    The National Building Code of India 2005 states that all rooms used for human habitation must be at least 2.75 meters from the floor to the ceiling (bottom of slab).

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