Single floor new house front design first became popular in the 1950s, and now the single floor home design seems to be increasing in popularity. It might make you wonder what is driving this demand, and if you are ideating with the thought of jumping the board, in this article, we bring you the advantages of choosing a single floor new house design as your new house design.

The single floor elevation homes come only with the ground floor only, and unlike traditional small cottages and modest farms, you can choose from various sizes and styles available.


This article has tried to include a variety of single floor house front design ideas to help you finalize a new house design for your dream home.

Even if you already have your preferred new house design finalized, it is worth considering why people love to live in homes with only ground floors and the advantages of choosing a single floor house design.

Here are some benefits of choosing this floor plan for your dream home.


Each style has its advantages, but we will tell you why a one-story house plan may be the right choice for your family. Of late sophisticated homeowners are going for a one-level house because of the following reasons.

Single Floor Elevation is Suitable for Grandparents, and Young Children

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A single-story house with s only is ideal for homeowners of all ages because there aren’t any stairs to climb, and thus there are no mobility issues.

Many seniors rely on a wheelchair or walker for mobility. These people find climbing and descending stairs difficult and even impossible. If you have toddlers, and even then, a ground floor elevation is less hazardous and is safe.

Single Floor New House Front Design is Low Maintenance

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It can be challenging to maintain a home with a two-story exterior. A home design with only ground floor elevation gives easy access to the entire exterior of your home with a small ladder, making it easy for holiday decoration and home cleaning.

Multi-level homes can be a hindrance to DIY homeowners because of their tall walls. An elevation design with a single floor in your home will allow you to access all home areas and perform simple repairs.

Even if the family members don’t mind climbing steps, it won’t be easy to maintain the exterior of a house with a two-story home plan. 

A single-story house front design will allow you to reach all areas of your house with a ladder, which is a huge advantage.

Easier Renovations

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A home with a one-story floor plan is easier to remodel or expand because it is more accessible and more uncomplicated.

Elevation Design with Single Floor Increases Energy Efficiency

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increase home energy efficiency

If you’re looking for a home that can work for you at all stages of your life, and you need a small home plan that is both affordable and efficient, a single floor home front design might be the right choice. It offers a modern layout that can provide everything you need at a reasonable price.

A single floor new house design is easier to heat and cool down. Modern single-story house plans have a central living space that is shared with other rooms. Bedrooms or offices often surround these private spaces. This design allows for natural airflow of heated and cooled air.

However, multiple-story home designs have more space and additional floors, thus requiring extra expenses for heating and cooling down needs.

Single floor elevation can be smaller and more easily integrate efficient plumbing and heating systems. Because heat doesn’t rise to the upper floors, it is easier for room temperatures to be evenly distributed. Since there are no walls between rooms, air can flow freely through the design.  It not only saves money but also makes your home eco-friendly.

Single Floor House Design is Easier to Expand

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Single floor homes facilitate open floor plans with flowing design and are a popular choice for buying a home. Open floor plans create a more relaxed and spacious feel, which is a plus for resale. Open floor plans can be found in any architecture, but one-story homes are the most appealing.

If you have enough land, it is possible to add a patio, sunroom, or deck to a one-story home plan. A two-story home, on the other hand, will require careful structural analysis and planning for expansion. Many single floor home designs allow for expansion of outdoor living spaces, which allows for strong indoor/outdoor connections.

Older house designs had each room enclosed by walls. An open-plan contemporary single floor home has a living room, dining area, kitchen, and bedroom that flow together in a family triangle. The open floor house design creates this central communal space that encourages socialization with family members and allows for excellent communication and connectivity within the family.  It’s easier to feel it when you walk around the house than if you have to climb stairs, which is the case with two floor house designs. 


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A single floor elevation can often be more affordable to build than a multi-story house design.  It takes less time.  A ground floor elevation is cost-efficient and saves you a lot of money. You don’t have to choose different floor plans when building a single floor new house design.

Planning for the Future

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The rise in one-story homes is a result of the aging baby boomers. This generation is retiring and intends to stay put. While the baby boomers are the most powerful group to make this happen, the truth is that everyone in the world is planning for their future. Homebuyers are taking longer to settle down because of the economy and their desire to have their homes last as long as possible. Why go through the hassles of buying a starter or family home and then moving on to a retirement home?

Many homes can accommodate people of all abilities and ages. You don’t need to wait to move into your more accessible home. You’ve made an easy decision to choose a one-story house that will be suitable for you as you age. It allows you to focus on the things you love about the home.

Universal design is gaining popularity all over the world. You might find your dream home already has spacious bathrooms with walk-in showers, large halls and doorways, and open layouts that make it easy to move around.

No Design Compromises Required with Single Floor House Front Design

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It is surprising to see how many people choose to live in two-story homes. They want grand foyers and vaulted ceilings, but you can have the same features with just single floor home front design houses. You can find a home with roofs and high windows that has the floor layout you desire. It is a hallmark of architects that they create beautiful designs within the constraints set by their customers. It has been done many times.

A raised roofline is all that’s required, even with an elevation design with a single floor. A higher roof can allow for higher ceilings and more extensive and more efficient window arrangements that seem to expand the space around them. You may have seen some cottages and ranches that appear to be two stories if you are already looking for homes. It’s hard to tell from what you see on the outside. Designers work hard to offer a variety of design options to fit a range of needs and preferences. If you aren’t sure whether you want a two-story home, don’t hesitate to ask. The professionals have all the tricks you need to create the home you always wanted, even if single floor home front design is what you like.

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To summarize, we will end with the assurance that a single-story home plan does not have to feel cramped. Designers often have more flexibility to design taller ceilings or add more windows and skylights without considering the structural requirements of higher stories. If you plan it well, the modern single-story home can feel spacious and airy.

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